Bottomless Pit Studios is here!

2011-11-03 21:50:34 by BottomlessPitStudios

We are Bottomless Pit Studios and our purpose here on Newgrounds is to look for game developers to hire for our various video game projects. We are a web comic team that wishes to create video game projects based on our stories and characters and this account is mainly for searching and hiring aspiring game developers that wish to work with very flexible terms and we are willing to pay a lot for high quality game developers so name your price.

Our webcomics can be found at

What we have some ideas for:

-Old school Final Fantasy style RPGs
-2d Side Scroller fighting games
-2d side scroller shooters
-Adventure/ Zelda style games

We need help to make our videogame projects a reality and hope to make profit off them, we are recruiting new programmers all the time. We will attempt to reply to all messages sent to us. If you wish to contact us more directly contact Duke Mills the co-founder at